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1. Exterior & Enterior Painting.
2. Epoxy and Polyurethane coating.
3. Waterproofing treatment.
4. Structural & Building Envelope .
5. Repair, Maintenance & Restoration Services.
6. Texture Paint and Designer Decorative coat.
7. Polishing Job:- Polish, Lamination, PU and Duco Finish.
8. Specialist in treatement of RCC De-shuttered holes by injection groputing .

. RCC Repair for columns, beams and other structural members.
. Parking Pavement repairs, line painting, drainage.
. Flats, supervision for utility adjacent walls, waterseapage.
. Pipe line leakages and seapages.
. Common Visible paint problems.
. Surface Crack Identification.
. Plasting and Patch work.
. Concrete Foundations, footings, sidewalks.
. Compound wall repair and paint.
. Terrace cracks and rain water seapages.
. Water Tanks- Underneath and overhead.
. Staircase Leakages and paints.

1. Painting work for external wall .
2. Plumbing work .
3. Waterproofing Treatement.
4. Terrace wall protection jobs .
5. Structural Reapair and restoration.
6. Individuals grill painting wpork.
7. Painting for staircase and passage areas.
8. Painting of compound wall- inside and outside.
9. painting of main gates.
10.Plaster Repairs.
11.Surface making for kids playing area.

Provide waterproofing solution for following,
. Chajjas
. Water tanks
. External vertical walls
. Exposed staircase area.
. Terrace vertical walls.
. Utility areas and adjacent walls.
. Water seapage or drip.
. Damp walls.
. Basements.
. Rain water exposed wall.


Our Team Diagnoseand repair localized envelope
Our Team diagnose and repair localized envelope Problems such as leaks, or do total exterior restoration work with the installation of rain-screen, Rcc repair of column and beams. We also replace windows and doors, insulate, repair water damaged structure and remediate mould .
1. Rcc column and beams repair.
2. Jacketing.
3. Replacing loose Plaster with new one.
4. Replastering job.

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